T. J. Walker Wins in Ward 4 – Let’s Go Higher!

(Click on the video several times until the bar shows up at the bottom. You will see the sound bottom on the right with an X on it, click on it and the  sound will start.)

I love this campaign video on Facebook. It makes me sway with the music and there is no question, it is time for a change in Ward 4. Here is the young man, T. J. Walker, that is going to bring it. It was my loss that I never spent time with this fine young man before the election. I heard him speak at the ECC forum and knew this was the winner.

As luck would have it while taking my slot at the polls for Sandy Roberson, I walked over and introduced myself to a gentleman who had been standing there since the polls opened. Only the pride and love of his son could have kept him on his feet all that time. My hands were cold after two hours and my wet hair started to curl, but  I made a new friend that afternoon while standing with Mr. Walker: T. J.’s dad.

There is so much hope wrapped around this young man’s shoulders. Is he strong enough, his own man enough, brave enough as this new young generation steps up to the plate in Ward 4? He has no idea how much we want him to succeed! He already talks the language of the youth in Rocky Mount. He brings new eyes to our problems, new energy, a moral compass to guide him on his way. You know how the home plate umpire bends down and brushes off the plate before the batter steps into the box? The voters of Ward 4 have done that for T.J. Walker. The fans in the Rocky Mount stands are already cheering the new kid on the team who is warmed up and ready to go.


I hugged my new friend, the proud Dad goodbye. The polls closed, the voters in Ward 4 had spoken. From where I sit, I hope this new councilman can hear me cheering, “Come on, batter, batter, batter, let’s go higher.