Mark Your Calendar – Sale June 25-26

Head to the Salvage Store on Falls Road for a fun outing. How about taking in the Farmers Market while you are at it. Board Members worked hard cleaning up and organizing this past Saturday. Under Jean Bailey’s direction, Lea Henry, Whitney Shearin, Wanda Alford and Renny Taylor, all board members, spiffed things up. I took a before photograph of the sinks that are available. The shot to have gotten was after Lea decided she would clean them up!

This blog post salutes the volunteers in all the Rocky Mount organizations. For a love of the cause, volunteers put in amazing hours, doing all manner of things like our PRM President, Adrienne Copland who hauled a truck load of bagged ‘stuff’ to the dump. I’d say that is a “hands on” girl!

You have time to think about your restoration projects, your DIY needs. Bring your measurements with you for that door surround, mantle, door, and window you’re looking for. As I write this, I’m not sure if a food truck is still in play, but come have fun, shop, hang out with like-minded preservationists, get new ideas, be amazed over the inventory of the Salvage Store that is calling to you. See you soon! SFH

The Gospel According to Preservation Rocky Mount’s Salvage Store – Preacher Today: Stepheny Houghtlin

Let me hear you say, AMEN, Brothers and Sisters!  I want to thank you for coming today as we gather at 910 Falls Road, a holy place where the past is preserved and the good news of restoration is preached. All of you know the story in your Bibles where the disciples gather up the leftover fish and loaves. I believe, my friends, that this story teaches us that nothing in our lives is to be wasted. (The congregation agrees) “Yes, Lord!” “That’s right!”  “Amen!”

The Gospel according to Preservation Rocky Mount’s Salvage Store is available to all who seek out Historic Salvage in order to restore, make new, and design projects that incorporate architectural elements. You may ask, who are these preservation disciples that save doors, mantels, wood flooring and windows, one step ahead of the demolition of lost properties?

Introducing Adrienne Copland: She is a PRM Board Member, putting her time, talent, and energy into the PRM Salvage Store Other new and energetic board members have been helping Margaret Sowerwine who has looked after the Store since its inception. New board member, Bill Johnson has been invaluable as the organization considers the future of the store to include a new business plan and location.  Two other important names in the Rocky Mount preservation family are City of Rocky Mount Community Code Supervisor, Kelly Cook, and Neil Watson, the Building Inspector who both work with Adrienne in locating homes that are scheduled for demolition allowing architectural treasures to be saved. A big hallelujah to both Kelly and Neil. If you have an interest in this important piece of preservation, why not become involved.  Contact Adrienne. (Her Phone # listed below)

Take a moment and read an earlier post about the ECC Preservation Program.

In the photo on the right are Felix Padilla, Kathryn McDowell Amber Perry, Jacob Gore, Megan Ecker, Paula Stiles, Chris Jones-Instructor, along with Adrienne, who are all students enrolled in the ECC Preservation Program. They recently helped with a salvage mission. Bill Johnson-Board Member was on hand too. These amazing people are being trained in various aspects of restoration and preservation, with a hands-on approach. Here they are in their work clothes a bit dusty and tired but smiling because they love what they do.

The salvage saved from 1233 Barnes Street, 505 and 801 Pender Streets can now be found among the other treasures at the PRM Salvage Store at 910 Falls Rd. Rocky Mount, NC. Here you can buy a piece of local history and help preserve Rocky Mount’s architectural legacy. Current hours are 10-12 Friday and Saturday or by appointment. Call Adrienne Copland – 704-778-5622 or Margaret Sowerwine – 252 -985-1804. All believers in the preservation of our architectural treasures are welcome.