Reporting On The Battle Park Public Input Meeting – 2/27/20

(Stepheny in an excited voice quoting Julian of Norwich)                                                             “All shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.”

I came home from the Public Input Meeting where those in attendance selected the activities that they would like to have available at Battle Park. We looked at a series of wonderful photographs where each of us placed 8 blue dots on the things we would like to have included in the new plan and one yellow dot for our #1 choice. My yellow dot was placed on the photo of accessible walking. But my blue dots included things I know my grandchildren would love. A treehouse, playing in the stream…..It was a simple exercise, one that will be repeated Monday, March 2 at 10:00 AM at the Imperial Center. It doesn’t take long to make your selections.

This Public Input is part of the grant process that includes different steps that must be completed when applying for the multiple grants that are available.  One of the stewards of this Master Plan update is the landscape architect firm, CLH Designs. They have a fine presentation to bring home and read on your own. I can tell you that looking at the possibilities are exciting. Upon completion, we will have a significant and valuable piece to add to the Rocky Mount  Revitalization puzzle that is being worked on. It will offer the community in a reimagined way an experience immersed in nature only a short car ride from home.

I am reassured that this is not a foil to take another crack at removing the monument. Judging by the response to yesterday’s blog post, there is no doubt that the monument is to be left alone! One on one, I expressed the concern that we have gone through these public meetings before with the ‘input’ from the public left in a drawer, never to be seen again. Fool me once, but not twice. You know I am the eternal optimist so I  believe that the reimagined Battle Park will be one of the favorite destinations that everyone will enjoy. I’m glad I went and encourage you to do the same. I might add that I am relieved to find professional people in charge of a worthy project.

PS: My friend, Debbie Zavidil and I stood contemplating the zip line choice. She was ready to try it. I told her I would stay on the ground and cheer her on. I may change my mind if it is included in the new plan based on the premise, if not now, when? (The days grow short when you reach September.)