Rocky Mount’s Lone Ranger – Lige Daughtridge – In The Saddle and Ready to Ride

You are familiar with The Lone Ranger, a fictional masked former Texas Ranger who fought outlaws in the American Old West with his Native American friend, Tonto. This character became an enduring icon of our American culture. He is a perfect foil for our Lone Ranger, Lige Daughtridge!

Lige has acted as the Lone Ranger for Rocky Mount for a long time. I have watched him rise from his seat, papers in hand, and walk to the microphone in the Council Chambers, to speak on behalf of the taxpayers. Click on William Tell Overture Finale and have a laugh with me.

This is the music I connect with the new Councilman in Ward 5 who replaces Tom Rogers. A businessman, with a long respected family name in Rocky Mount, Lige has kept watch over the affairs of the city government and work of the Council for years. He has brought his education, passion, and experience to this moment of winning his election. We have cause for celebration knowing this reasoned, bright and articulate man, who has served Rocky Mount in many capacities and helped shape the dialogue over many issues, now has a vote!