Christmas on Main Street With Stepheny


This time of year Frank Sinatra’s version of I’ll be Home for Christmas usually makes me  homesick for the little girl I once was, and for my parents, and Christmas memories.  The Marshall Field’s Christmas windows in downtown Chicago were apart of those times. Because I have been doing a lot of thinking, researching, and talking to people about the downtown Rocky Mount buildings, the storefronts in particular, are on my mind…..These buildings, their history, and the exciting possibilities that are hovering over them if you have eyes to see. With my imagination, it didn’t take long to transpose the idea of the Field’s Christmas windows into the storefronts along Main Street. Click on the Sinatra link above to do your own remembering. Join me on a walk to see the Christmas windows that can be created once again with hard work and vision. When accomplished, future children’s memories of home will include Main Street at Christmas time. Merry Christmas!tumblr_lybcyk9hbY1r6ji5co1_500
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