NEW: Stepheny’s Version Of Main Street Instagram – Rocky Mount NC

A bookstore facade idea for Main Street – Way Cool, Right!

The Duchess of Howell Street Preserving and Restoring a wonderful Bungalow. One of Rocky Mount’s Architectural Gems that includes stories about the Duke Family

Shotgun housing is now recognized as a significant contribution to America architecture. Once associated with poverty, it has been slow to win the black communities enthusiasm. Rocky Mount, NC must save the large number of these little gems. They can play a major role in our housing needs and historically deserve protection by preserving them. Look to New Orleans for inspiration. Amazing.

Featuring Crime on Telegram front page continues – A dagger in the heart of Rocky Mount Revitalization

Rocky Mount, NC is now a great food destination. Let’s market that fact. Here is but one of the new Main Street restaurants. Come Down Town is my newest bumper sticker. See for yourself the Preservation, Restoration and Repurposing that is happening. Join me on my Main Street Bench and enjoy the new life that ***’The Repairers Of The Breach’ are engaged in.

Recognition for Architect Milan Mehta, who downtown, building by building, is creating interior designs that honor the past while building a future. His work, when complete, is enough said for why preservation has become an economic driver in the revitalizing of Main Streets, USA. We say thank you for your vision and all your Rocky Mount successes.

Preservation Rocky Mount Invites You To Join Their Efforts

$20.00 Membership Mail Check To

3661 Sunset Ave
Suite 108
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Supporters of Councilman Knight, at a recent Council meeting, who do not want to lose their “IN,” called those who criticize his bad behavior, racists. Relying on this tired rhetoric is all they’ve got because there is no excuse for bullying.


*** The name of my third novel is, The Repairers of the Breach. It is partially dedicated to those here in Rocky Mount who are involved with the revitalization on Main Street and surrounding area.

One thought on “NEW: Stepheny’s Version Of Main Street Instagram – Rocky Mount NC

  1. Thanks for keeping us up to date, Stephany.
    I agree that the Telegram leaves much to be desired on its front page. I almost took the page to the Telegram office and asked them: do you have reporters? Can’t you find good news? Food pantries abound. People helping people are everywhere. They are just not as loud.
    Thanks, Stephany!


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