Post Cards From Main Street : Portland Bungalows

“The world before us is a postcard, and I imagine the story we are writing on it.”
― Mary E. Pearson, The Miles Between

I am of an age that remembers buying post cards on trips when traveling with my parents. Usually I bought them from a drug store or hotel gift shop that had a rack of cards to choose from. Post cards of special places you’re visiting aren’t as available today. The Main Street blog is reinstating post cards from imaginary travel to look at architecture, both residential and commercial. This first card is from Portland with its large inventory of Bungalows. Rocky Mount NC has wonderful bungalows, when saved and restored, they become one of the greatest assets in housing we have to offer. This blog has featured some of the restorations going on in Bungalow land. Recently, Howell Street was featured.

Here is a post card of a Bungalows in Portland. They don’t have a full second floor. Most have a half-story that served as attic spaces under the typical low-pitched sloping roofs. In many of the original bungalows today, that space has been made livable and functional, with perhaps an office, reading room, or bedroom. In addition to the slopping roof, another characteristic of the early bungalows is the wide, covered porch, often with exposed beams under the eaves. Balance is typical in a bungalow. While not always symmetrical, the porches feature square or tapered support columns that serve as both structural and design elements.

Another post card of a four square bungalow. When you find one in Rocky Mount, please take a photograph and send it to me to share from you on another blog post. That would be great. Send to Be sure to add your name and location of your find. Thank You.

The third post card is gorgeous. When you look at these three homes it makes everything seem possible in saving and restoring Rocky Mount’s treasure of this amazing architecture. Written on the back of these three post cards is a message.

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