Visit Greece With Stepheny – ‘Down the Road A Piece’ from Rocky Mount, NC

The price of gas has curtailed a lot of plans. I have an ideal TV series to take everyone to Greece this summer. The Durrells of Corfu, is based on the autobiographical novel by Gerald Durrell, the naturalist, explorer, writer, and conservationist. It tells the story of his family settling on Corfu in 1933 until 1939. His mother allowed her youngest son, the 8-to-14-year-old Gerald to keep wildlife as pets. From the opening credits, I was hooked. CLICK ON:

In 1935, Englishwoman Louisa Durrell’s life has fallen apart. Her husband has died and she has financial problems and troubled children. She suddenly announces that the five of them will move from Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu. Each episode follows the family adapting to life on the island, the friends they make and Gerry’s expanding zoo. It is inexpensive, an earthly paradise, and the lives of the Durrell family enrich ours.

I was introduced to this family for the first time through the series. I loved each of the four seasons, the setting, the stories, the endearing characters based on real people. The filming is beautiful. I haven’t started the book I ordered, but it is in the cue.

There is a rhyme and reason to our lives even though it feels like things just ‘happen’. I am new to Twitter. I haven’t tweeted, but am following some fabulous sites. I found The Durrell Society. Of course I started following things like architecture, design and wonderful recipes. There is a young woman who shows you how to tie scarfs around your neck in umpteen ways. It is another example of one thing leading to another. A Durrell Society tweet was from someone whose name I can’t pronounce or spell. Nonetheless, the writing of an intriging post card is an example of one thing leading to something else. Forget the ridiculous price of gas. ENJOY GREECE.

2 thoughts on “Visit Greece With Stepheny – ‘Down the Road A Piece’ from Rocky Mount, NC

  1. Opa! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·

    The Durrells in Corfu series is a treasure to watch – and it’s fun to think that the series is based on naturalist Gerald Durrell’s real family adventures. πŸ˜„


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