The Bel Air Art Center is Open in Rocky Mount, NC

Denise Watkins, (Sky-vue Skating) and I try to have a date on Thursdays over lunch or early dinner. Today we started with an adventure at the Bel Air Artisans Gallery. Bel Air figures mightily in the Art District that is being created. You might have thought they were closed when word came that the building/business had been sold. This wonderful repurposed space has a new vibe going on, with Tessa Wood-Woolard. She is an artist, designer, emerging conservator of artisan paint finishes, a master woodgrainer, and a restorationist. Tessa has 200 ideas a minute and you will experience her hand in this reimagined space. Tessa is finding new artists to hang their work, and has created a new space for classes. She is looking for artisans to teach. If you are interested, contact her with information below.

+1 (252) 955-3186
115 S Church St
Rocky Mount, NC 27804 Hours: Tues-Fri 11-4 Sat. 10-3

After our tour with Tessa and time to enjoy the gallery we went next door to Moe & D’s Such nice people happy to see you and make you feel welcomed. I have named a generation of young, hard working, generous stake holders, who are honoring the past and dedicated to building a future in Rocky Mount, The Moe Generation. I did get a senior discount but my two hotdogs and sweet tea came to $4.95. I don’t know why they thought I am a senior, but I didn’t argue. This Moe team and restaurant is a grand addition to life downtown. Don’t miss it.


One thought on “The Bel Air Art Center is Open in Rocky Mount, NC

  1. I have one question, how do you check if an outdoor awning is good?
    I like your article. It’s so unique and creative! One of the things that I really loved about it was when you mentioned on Pinterest shops for home goods- because who doesn’t love looking at other people’s houses or apartments while they’re out running errands?


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