The Metal House Awnings of Rocky Mount, NC

In the 3rd Ward, this house has an aluminum awning in great shape

I don’t remember when the state of aluminum awnings appeared on my radar screen, but often driving through Wards 1-4, I began to notice how many there are in various states of repair. I wondered who the company was that installed them? They must have made a lot of money!

Aluminum awnings have been popular for residential housing as seen throughout Rocky Mount. Today they are available in many colors, and painted with a baked-on enamel paint. These awnings keep the interior of a house cooler. They shade your patio, and extend the life of furniture and window treatments. The most beneficial feature of the awnings; they have a usable life of over 40 years.

A search took me to Rocky Mount Awning & Tent Company at 602 N. Church Street Their ad in the yellow pages suggested they have been in business the longest. Joseph Daniel,(3rd) is the owner of the business along with his daughter. They couldn’t be nicer and I assume they have been business of the month many times. There is a pristine work area where the awnings are made. I took these pictures of a few of the old photos they have on the walls.

I repeat that the awnings have a usable lifetime of 40 years. Not if they are ignored, and never cleaned. They look awful when hanging on by a thread. Their deterioration adds to the scene of neglect along a street. What is to be done? In restoring the homes with damaged awnings there is no doubt that removing them helps. I want Rocky Mount Awnings & Tent Co. to go on making and selling awnings. I want the worn out awnings taken off yesterday.

Below are photos I have taken to put awnings on YOUR radar. My brilliant idea of power washing houses a couple of blocks at a time wouldn’t work. The age of the houses would have lead paint and would flake off and fly about. (The paint on these old houses must have the old paint scraped off.)

BUT, what if I went about sweet-talking a few power washing business to give a morning and hit the awnings? I can show them these photos that are typical. If they’d give their time, they could give a guessimate what the materials would cost. Any thoughts or comments, please leave them in the comment section below. You can leave a suggestion of who I should call.

723 Arlington
618 Gay Street

PS: Just think if the City Council would lead a Ward challenge and organize a morning of power washing awnings, how awesome that would be for their wards. Alone we can do so little, but together, we can do so much. Let your heart beat a few extra beats for these wonderful houses that have lost their smile.

One thought on “The Metal House Awnings of Rocky Mount, NC

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