Welcome to Washington Street Grille – A NEW Downtown Restaurant to Love

 110 N. Washington Street

Around the corner from Prime Smokehouse

Steps away from the new Edgecombe Community College Building

It starts with a dream, a vision of what is possible if you renovate a beautiful old building, give it a new life and a reason to carry on. In this case, Garland Clark was the dreamer, who renovated this wonderful building back in 2014- 2015  and has now passed his work and effort on to partners Robert McBride and Darrell Brown, owners of the NEW Washington Street Grille.  Their official opening was Saturday, July 17th. I got there as soon as I could.

You’ll be proud of me. Walking into this great space to meet a young friend I got teary, of course, but I didn’t rush right over to put my hand on the beautiful old brick. I saved that for last.  I was meeting Carole Mehle (Click Here – For Previous Post About Carole) for an overdue catch-up. I met Carole not long after starting the Main Street blog at the Belmont Artisans Center where she has a small studio. Carole is a Rocky Mount native and cheerleader for the revitalization taking place. She is looking to move downtown, she has vast local knowledge. Though it was Carole’s first time at the Grille, she knew many of the young people, former & current students that were either dining or working. Owner McBride visited the table, welcoming us, full of enthusiasm, asking for patience should we encounter a glitch….we had none! Good food, good service, we were thrilled to support this new endeavor.

You do get it right?…… stepping out of your car where the future is happening, admiring the “wanna be” buildings that are full of promise, a street on the edge of ECC that is excited to have this restaurant, and YOU are there in the midst of it. Come downtown with friends, family, add your footprint, leave some money, enjoy good food and an atmosphere even a cynic can’t deny. One day when you can’t find a parking space and have to wait in line at one of the many new restaurants, you can claim…I KNEW THIS REVITALIZATION WAS GOING to WORK!


Delicious menu posted on website: http://www.washingtonstreetgrille.com

Monday-Thursday    Lunch 11am – 3pm  Dinner 5pm – 10pm  

Friday     Lunch 11am – 3 pm  Dinner 3 pm – 11pm  

Saturday    Lunch 11am – 3pm  Dinner 3pm – 11pm 

Sunday  Brunch 10am – 2pm  Dinner 2pm – 9pm




5 thoughts on “Welcome to Washington Street Grille – A NEW Downtown Restaurant to Love

  1. You guys were such a winderful.newcpkace to go to fir lunch or dinner.
    Than all of a sudden…..you were gone.😢 What in the world happened please let us know.
    Please come back with your fabulous menu.
    Rosemary Warren


  2. Thank you Stepheny! I’ll try it. I would enjoy having lunch with you. Please advise your availability.



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