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Grandma Casey’s Chocolate Cake – Part 2 – A Village Family Remembered

Listening to Maggie Casey Langrehr talk about her beginnings in The Mills Village, about her parents, Annie & Jim Casey, her brother, Jimmy and many friends, it was like taking the top off an Oreo cookie in order to get … Continue reading

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Remembering a Village Family – Annie and Jim Casey – Part 1

                            History is the essence of innumerable biographies                                          Thomas … Continue reading

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Rallying Around the Cultural Scene – First Off: Bel Air Artisans Center

“The arts are the best insurance policy a city can take on itself.” Woody Dumas, former Mayor of Baton Rouge In our day to day lives of work and family responsibilities, there isn’t a lot of time to wax poetic … Continue reading

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John Jesso – Saluting Rocky Mount’s Codega

Rocky Mount has a codega in the guise of John Jesso. I knew if I waited long enough to write about John Jesso, Downtown Development Manager, the perfect description would present itself and signal that it was time.  When first … Continue reading

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Edgemont – A Star in Rocky Mount’s Crown – Part 2

When driving through the Edgemont Historic District, the overlay of time is noticeable, but this is ‘no never mind’ because of the architectural delights that await you. The absence of traffic allows you to drive slowly up and down the … Continue reading

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Edgemont – A Jewel In Rocky Mount’s Crown – Part 1

I wonder if you have eyes to see? Let me show you something that lay beneath an overlay of time. In some cases, that time has dimmed the color and vivaciousness of what once was, but don’t be put off … Continue reading

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Promoting A Sense of Place – A ‘Shout Out’ To Realtors

        I wrote last week about a conversation I had with Vann Joines, entrepreneur, when we discussed what makes people pick the places they live. Part of that answer is that people are looking for diversity, a … Continue reading

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